If I ask you to give up all the family wealth and go on the long journey with us, would you do it?

Bai Yuxiu to Young Master Cui, "Explore at Night"

Feng Ling Yu Xiu (Chinese: 风灵玉秀; Pinyin: Fēng Líng Yù Xiù), also known in English as Spirit Wind Elegance and Soulmate Adventure, is a Chinese wuxia baihe donghua created and directed by DDF, animated by Sunflowers, and produced by Bilibili. It is the first-ever the baihe donghua.[1]

The series stars famous thief Feng Ling'er and her mysterious partner Bai Yuxiu. Yuxiu, a mysterious, white-haired girl who is rumored to have supernatural fighting skill martial arts, possibly stronger than some gods. The girls' begin as travelling partners, however, they eventually become unwitting targets of sever ill-intentioned pursuers with ties to the martial underworld.

Feng Ling Yu Xiu originally released as a music video during Bilibili's 2016 New Year's festival, featuring Ling'er and Yuxiu holding a martial arts battle and exploring a village. The first episode of the donghua series aired on April 1, 2017 on Bilibili's website, with yearly episodes releasing through 2020. Weekly episode releases are set to begin on January 16, 2021.

Official Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Rumor has it that a mysterious girl with white hair suddenly teams up with the famous thief Feng Ling’er. She is so good that she has beaten many Kung Fu experts of the underworld. People can’t help but wonder who she is, and where she got all those trainings to become such a master. But above all, is she siding with the good, or the evil? With all these questions, Feng Ling’er and the white hair girl somehow seem like they don’t care a bit. They simply continue with their wander, not knowing that something big is about to happen…[2]

Primary Characters[edit | edit source]

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Image Name Description Role
Feng Ling'er
An intelligent-but-hotheaded thief and traveling companion of Yuxiu. Main
Bai Yuxiu
A soft-spoken, mysterious girl with white hair. Traveling companion of Ling'er. Main
Young Master Cui
A noble son accompanying Ling'er and Yuxiu on their adventures. Primary

Release History[edit | edit source]

Region Platform Spoken
Release Date
China Bilibili Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese April 1, 2017
Worldwide YouTube Mandarin Chinese
September 12, 2020

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Feng Ling Yu Xiu was initially created after a strong fan response from the original music video.[3]

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